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I can't connect
Sun Nov 18 12:20:26 PST 2018

There are many reasons you might not be able to connect, the server could be down, your ISP blocks port 23 or Jésus isn't with you that day.

However, if you're a customer of China Unicom, based in Brazil or parts of Russia, it's because your ISP is shit. These providers are constantly hitting the telnet server with infected machines trying to hack or start a botnet infection, so they get blocked.

You can still connect via web telnet, if anything.

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Help Fund MMN
Sat Nov 17 02:24:36 PST 2018

Greetings Internaute!

This BBS is a hobby of mine and I don't ask for any subscriptions or other financial demands to use it.

However, if you're happy with what is offered here, and you would like to volunteer a bit of financial assistance, my web host has a system in place to accept donations. This will only be allocated to the web hosting bills of MMN.


As usual I'm here to answer any questions, comments or suggestions :)

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Emailer List FAQ
Sat Nov 17 01:37:29 PST 2018

MMN runs both the Emailer Lists on our own mailing list server (att.ae) and on Eskimo.com. This is the FAQ for these lists.

The Emailer List is an Email list for discussion on topics related to Claris Emailer. This is an unofficial mailing list and is not sponsored and/or endorsed by Apple, Claris or FileMaker.

This list is brought to you by MMN. (www.mrman.net)

Please comply with the following guidelines while using this list:

o Posting:

To post to the mailing list, send mail to emailer-subscribe@att.ae. You must be a subscriber to the list in order to post to it.

o Commands:

Do not send list server commands to the mailing list. All requests should be sent to emailer-request@att.ae.

o Netiquette: This mailing list is rated PG-13. Abusive or foul language will not be tolerated.

o Problems: If you have any problems with the list, complaints or suggestions, please contact the list owner Kevin (kevin@mmn.cx).



This message lists some of the most common questions and answers encountered on the Emailer-Talk mailing list. We strongly encourage you to read the entire message. The traffic on the Emailer-Talk list can get pretty high and many of the messages are repeats of the questions answered here.

This message is not an official statement from Claris or FileMaker.

We recommend you keep this message and refer back to it when you have a question to see if the question is answered here. You can also check the latest version of the message at:

https://www.mrman.net/archives/faq/index.html ==========

Q: I've got a question/problem/concern/suggestion. Where do I turn?

A: This mailing list is one of the most valuable resources for information about Claris Emailer. Other places where you can get information:

- The manual!!! Perhaps the most overlooked place for information.
- The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). These files are in the Support Files folder which was installed when you installed Claris Emailer.
- The Fog City Software web page has useful tools and utilities: http://www.fogcity.com

Q: Who is Fog City Software?

A: Fog City Software developed Claris Emailer. Claris bought Emailer from Fog City Software. Fog City Software is no longer involved in the development of Claris Emailer.

Q: Does Fog City Software or Claris run this mailing list?

A: No. MMN (www.mrman.net) does.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the list?

A: To unsubscribe from the list send mail to:
emailer-unsubscribe@att.ae with: unsubscribe in the message' SUBJECT.

Q: Who is processing the list requests?

A: Most (un)subscription requests are processed automatically without human intervention.

The -request server usually does quite a good job in discriminating between (un)subscribe requests and messages intended for the maintainer. If you'd like to make sure a human reads your message, make it look like a reply (i.e. the first word in the Subject: field should be "Re:", without the quotes of course); the -request server does not react to replies.

Q: Can I send multiple (un)subscription requests?

A: Do not send multiple (un)subscription or info requests in one mail. Only one will be processed per mail.

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[News] Dial Up Back Online
Sat Nov 17 00:55:58 PST 2018

Greetings everybody !

I come with some good news, I have fixed the issues with the dialup line and it appears that all is now well.

Since it is on a Vonage connection, I've limited the modem to negotiate at 2400 baud, if there is still issues, I will look in to reducing it lower.

I have also changed the way it connects in the backend, there is now a secure connection in to the private network in the Google Cloud data centre, therefore no longer spewing out data over the net unencrypted.

I'll keep an eye on this and see how it all pans out.


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Why can't I connect to POP/IMAP/SMTP ?
Fri Nov 16 15:57:55 PST 2018

Unfortunately, some people don't know how to play fair on the internet. Since offering a BBS requires a bit of trust out in the wildwest of the anonymous interwebs, I had to make a decision.

The decision is that the system won't be left open to abuse causing issues to all the users, so POP, IMAP and SMTP ports are closed off to the internet. Only the mail exchanges can talk to the BBS and visa versa.

If you need a full service email account, I can set you up with one @bbs.yt through Yandex.Mail. Just ask if you need one.

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BBS.yt - a free dynamic dns domain
Fri Nov 16 14:50:07 PST 2018

Being a cold parisien night and holding a tiny bit of cash in my wallet, I decided to do a troll of what domains were available.

One term I like to search is BBS, because I also run a BBS, incidentally while writing this I totally got side tracked and connected to a few BBSes from Telnet BBS Guide.

Anyways, I registered bbs.yt and immediately put it up on Afraid.org's Free DNS Project because you shouldn't need a domain to put up a BBS and it would be nice to have a BBS focused domain to do that.

There are many software packages you can use, either at home or in the cloud.

So if you would like to be a part of this project, you can set up your own .bbs.yt subdomain right here.

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Do you still beef with Mikey Yack ?
Fri Nov 9 20:20:35 PST 2018


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111. alt.bbs.ads
Fri Nov 9 20:06:46 PST 2018


It's actually not that bad, it's only BBS ads, which for this kind of thing I'm totally down for.

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107. alt.toronto
Fri Nov 9 20:02:38 PST 2018

Sometimes this is a discussion about Toronto things, sometimes it's crazy conspiracy theories and rightwing crazies. You never really know. God speed.

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102. alt.bbs.wildcat
Fri Nov 9 19:59:11 PST 2018

WILDCAT! BBS from Mustang Software, Inc.

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I have received a SPAM from mmn.cx !
Fri Nov 9 19:54:19 PST 2018

SPAM as we know is not cool at all, unfortunately nefarious people be nefarious. The first question we have to ask is, did it actually come from this board ?

All our email passes through our own infrastructure outbounds, if the email originates from the server « customer.relay.mmni.ca » with an IP address in the 165.227.4X.XX range it's come from our network. In this case, forward the entire email (including headers) to : postmaster@mmn.cx and I'll take care of it.

If it did not originate from the above server, then it's not come from us and it's been spoofed. In this case, we can't really do much. You'll need to contact the compromised ISP directly.

If it's come via USENET, then we have a more complicated issue. But it's possible that it could be spoofed, in this case, if you think it may be ours, email postmaster@mmn.cx and I'll take care of it.

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101. well.general
Fri Nov 9 19:11:20 PST 2018

The Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link, normally shortened to The WELL, is one of the oldest virtual communities in continuous operation. As of June 2012, it had 2,693 members. It is best known for its Internet forums, but also provides email, shell accounts, and web pages. The discussion and topics on The WELL range from deeply serious to trivial, depending on the nature and interests of the participants.

This is one of the USENET groups for this system.

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100. alt.bbs
Fri Nov 9 19:07:31 PST 2018

Computer BBS systems & software.

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51. EFF
Fri Nov 9 19:05:50 PST 2018

Get updates on EFF's work and ways you can help.

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50. Emailer List
Fri Nov 9 18:55:01 PST 2018

Claris Emailer (often stylized as Claris Em@iler) is a discontinued e-mail client for the classic Mac OS created by Fog City Software. It was bought and marketed by the Apple Inc. spin-off Claris. In addition to internet email, it supported sending and receiving email to online services such as AOL, Applelink, Compuserve. It was the only third-party e-mail client licensed to directly access AOL e-mail. Additionally, it was one of the first commercial applications to support the Internet Config preferences management system.

It had advanced e-mailing features for its time, such as automatic e-mail address completion, an intuitive address book, support for multiple signatures, and a scriptable interface. Many AppleScripts have been written that enhance Emailer and are available online. It was released both in a full and a lite version, and the latter was included for free in Mac OS 8.

It remained a Mac-only software title until it was eventually killed by Apple in the late 90s. The last version, 2.0v3, was released in 1998, and the software title is no longer supported by Apple. Emailer continues to work in the Classic Environment running under Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger. To date an Emailer-Talk mailing list is still active offering advice to keep the software functioning.

How to join this mailing list
On the BBS, Join Conference 50. Elsewhere, use the listman service at att.ae. Equally you can send an email to emailer-subscribe@att.ae.

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1. Announcements
Fri Nov 9 18:51:08 PST 2018

This is a read only conference and will mirror what is written in the Newsletter (Main Menu N), posted in the Newsletter section of the website and via news@att.ae mailing list.

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0. Private E-Mail
Fri Nov 9 18:47:10 PST 2018

Pretty much self explanitory, this conference is for personal mails between users and via the internet.

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The Move has Begun
Fri Nov 9 09:41:50 PST 2018

You may have noticed that my domains are starting to show up here, I've managed a bit of a big move over of my personal sites and the ones related to the BBS.

Basically, it's been a long time coming across to an easier to manage site for all my personal things. My personal blog was one part and now all the BBS stuff is another.

I've always liked the look and feel of NanoBlogger but it's not really suitable for my personal blog, but with the BBS at least it fits in. I've spent a lot of time rejigging the templates to get it perfect. All the files are also statically generated and each week, a cronjob will update everything in case some changes are made.

This of course makes everything easier to pull between web hosts if ever needed. I think I did good here :D

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Newsletter 1
Fri Nov 9 08:26:23 PST 2018

This is the current notice posted on the board, the Newsletter file will change and I will upload the content to the website as well from now on.

There is two ways to keep in touch with the BBS :
On the BBS, Conference 1, Announcements.

Externally, via the discussion list : news@att.ae

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Email Domains for Everyone
Fri Nov 9 08:22:11 PST 2018

Greetings Internaute!

You're probably already aware, if your account has been validated, you have the email address USERNAME@mmn.cx.

But I have since brought on some of my personal domains that don't otherwise have anything to do in cyberspace. They are available to all users for incoming email, but you won't be able to send from them as the system will default to your mmn.cx address.

Also, it's worth mentioning, that all my domains are locked down with DKIM and SPF, so using them with another provider will end in rejected mails.

Here is a current list of active email domains:-

vx.sg   nbc.am     star.net.ht
ax.pe   minitel.in   c64.fr      yesic.net

Certain domains are available as a special request and are not activated by default, message Kevin to engage them:-

mmn.st   signal.earth  signal.sg    fidonet.me
bell.im  netcom.li     juno.global  cs.com.vc

By default, SPAM filtering is of course turned on, you can manage your personal settings by registering at mmn.spamflare.com.

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System Info and Rules
Fri Nov 9 08:15:33 PST 2018

Greetings Internaute!

You may or may not be aware that MMN, not only is a BBS we do many other things to, if you're interested see www.mmn.on.ca for details.

This BBS is run as a personal hobby and is not connected to the business side of things, so to make things a bit clear that I spend my own $$ on running this.

For this reason, please don't abuse the system, it's my long time baby and it ruins it for everybody.

Personal Interactions
I know that not everybody has to like each other, but we do have to be decent to eachother and civil. Discourse is going to happen, arguements do occur, this is life.

However, that being said, harassment, defamation, racisism, sexism, homophobia and anything else that quantifies as « hate speech » will not be accepted on this board.

For clarity, we're not talking First Amendment stuff here, the board is Located in Montréal, Québec, Canada and I'm based in Paris, France. As such, we have a line between what is Free Speech and Hate Speech, please do not cross it, I don't want to read it on my board and you'll be banned.

Shared Resources
I am a fond fan of certain projects, especially AIOE.org. For this reason I use their public access news server to pull our usenet feeds, but with any public service there are limits. The BBS as a whole can only post 40 articles a day, so by all means have interactions, just don't post garbage and prevent others from having a meaningful discussion.

I would also highly reccomend you check them out for a bit more info on their project.

Email is also a complicated beast, since this server is hosted on the Google Cloud, crossing that line is a bit of a problem. Therefore, only validated people will have outbound email access, there is no external SMTP or POP access. Sending and receiving emails is limited to within the BBS itself. Please note as well, since incoming email is SPAM filtered, you will not be able to receive anything until I manually approve the account.

I use a mix of Mailgun and MX Guard Dog for the board's email, as you can probably imagine if we become a SPAM source, it will not go down well for me with Mailgun one bit. And of course, Google will pull the plug.

I try my best to keep everything locked down, email is transmitted via TLS and over an internal network from the BBS to the mail thrower machine, from there it's encrypted between that machine and Mail Gun, what happens next is anybody's guess. Same with incoming, it's encrypted from receipt to the BBS.

But let me be very clear here, the software I run is from a different era, before people were shitty and Russians allegedly rigged elections. You're connecting over the least secure protocol available (telnet). I do offer a web version of the BBS, it's not quite the same but SSL is indeed involved there.

I seriously recommend NOT using a usual password, while I can verify the intregrity of my database, I can't verify that your internet connection is not being snooped on.

Further to this and for total clarity, I can access all messages on the BBS, I don't go looking through them but should I be compelled to by a French Court, I won't have much of a choice.

I'm thankfully nowhere near America, the server too is not based in the US, so your data is pretty much in a better condition than, say, on Facebook. Since this is not a business venture, technically I'm not bound by GDPR but since I'm not a total dick, I still apply those principals to how I manage what information you choose to give me. If you want anything changed, amended or removed, I will do this.

I can only accept these kinds of requests from within your account or an email address linked to your account.

You can message me on the BBS as Kevin, SysOp Page or by Email : kevin@mmn.cx

If you have any questions though, just ask, if you'd like something added to the BBS, I will happily give it a shot.

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Welcome to the New Board Homepage
Thu Nov 8 19:40:06 PST 2018

I have spent all night setting up this new version of the hobby board web site. It's been a bit of time coming, since I have been playing around with various web packages to set it up right.

In the end, I decided on NanoBlogger, it's a lightweight command line tool to produce static files and make moving the site around easier, should I ever need to of course.

Plus there seems to be an issue with Wildcat!'s web server where it goes a bit nuts and stops responding, therefore much better to have everything off that server and focus on the text based side of it.

I'll be updating this site more through out the day, so keep an eye out for things moving.

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