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Mr.Man NET
MMN is an online BBS running in Toronto since 1996, just before the internet became massive, we currently offer free email, USENET, file downloads and external IRC, FTP and Telnet to our verified users.

We offer Email, USENET and Local Messaging Groups for all our verified users.

Community System
MMN is a community focused system with information local events and places, we are also starting to expand outside of the GTA with regional services planned for Hamilton, Thunder Bay and Ottawa.

MMN is available to access by Telnet, wcNav, Web, NNTP and (soon) Gopher. Mikey Yack Michael Yack Fabulous Savings Y H8 Mikey Yack?


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Telnet : bbs.mmn.cx
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Dial-Up : (416) 548-4117
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